Industry/organization related activities

Sunday 2, November, 2014


 Developing the milk-run logistic network optimizer software for Sazeh-Gostar-Saipa Company



Offshore supply vessel fleet sizing and positioning for Pars Oil and Gas Company



Helicopter daily route planning for Pars Oil and Gas Company




 Avalability measurement and analysis of Peugeot 405 car body robotic assembly line



Target setting on the equipment availabilities to reach the target avalability of Peugeot 405 robotic car body assembly line



Optimization of material handling process from Tondar 90 car body station to trim line



TU5 engine subassembly line balancing to hit a hourly production rate of 56 engines 



Time study and line balancing of Peugeot 206 car body assembly line to hit a hourly production rate of 10 bodies  



Design and implementation of the productivity measurement system in Iranian electricity industry



Human resource strategic planning in an Iranian oil company